Trophy Wife

September 29, 2005
A man sits in a chair in front of three stuffed heads framing a fireplace. One head is the man’s wife. Caption reads: He had gobs of money and a trophy wife.


September 27, 2005
All travel bags must pass through customs before boarding or exiting the terminal.

The Dogs of War

September 27, 2005
This is what happens when you unleash the dogs of war too close to the Med tent.

Alien vs Predator

September 26, 2005
Alien vs Predator, in a court of law. This time, the Predator is the prosecuting attorney. He’s ready for the trial too. Alien looks over some last minute defense notes.

The Dark Side of the Moon

September 21, 2005
The rather Dark Side of the Moon. Moon walks into a drug store demanding pills as he holds a pharmacist at gun point. Moon has an anarchy tattoo and sports a cigarette in... View Article

The Exorcist

September 21, 2005
A priest rides an exercise bike as fast as he can while the possessed body hovers three feet above the bed. Caption Reads: “Exorcising”

Where’s Waldo

September 21, 2005
In this toon, Waldo meets Pulp Fiction’s The Gimp. Waldo sits in a cellar with the Gimp behind him. Waldo has a ball gag in his mouth. Caption reads: “Where’s Waldo”

Old Man in the Sea

September 21, 2005
If Ernest Hemingway had a cartoonist illustrate his work. it might look something like this… An old man sitting in a wheel chair floats around in the ocean. Sharks are keeping him company.... View Article

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

September 19, 2005
Is your refrigerator running? A play on an old phone joke long before caller id. In this toon a refrigerator hides in an alley. He’s on the run alright. Caption reads: “Is your... View Article

Alaskan Birthday Cruise

September 18, 2005
This was a birthday card for a family member who is turning 80 tomorrow. Happy Birthday Bernice. For your birthday we got you an authentic Alaskan Cruise. Caption reads: Alaskan Cruise

Dog Training

September 17, 2005
How good’s your dog trainer. In just five days your dog can have basic office skills. In this toon, day one’s lesson is sit. Dog’s are always aiming to please for this trick.... View Article

Wild Flowers

September 17, 2005
Wild Flowers ahead. When the sign says wild flowers, it really means some “Wild Flowers”.

Prince Albert

September 17, 2005
In this toon, Prince Albert sits quietly on the potty reading a newspaper. A play on the very old joke of calling the grocery store and asking if they had Prince Albert in... View Article

Mechanical Revolution

September 16, 2005
In this toon, three robots are picketing. They shout in unison “No Blood for Oil”. Caption reads: Mechanical Revolution.

I Can Hear the City

September 15, 2005
In this toon, an odd looking fellow holds an empty soda can up to his ears and marvels at the soft-soothing sound of the city which comes from the can. Caption reads: “I... View Article