Forgotten Temple

January 14, 2009
It was a chubby little church on the side of some forgotten state route in Tennessee. Resting behind a chipped fence with no gate. Its only companion was a saddled plastic caterpillar teetering... View Article

Fear’s Harvest

January 11, 2009
I pressed my knuckles deep into my eye sockets and turned my wrists again-and-again. I was trying to scratch my brain. To touch the parts that caused this awful dream. I didn’t know... View Article

Screening Guilt

January 8, 2009
The court of public opinion had finally left the building. Minivans were packed full and heading home. Trashcans waved goodbye, jammed full like vases with fresh daisies. The snow was dumping as I... View Article

Ski Beech

January 5, 2009
I’ve been revamping the website for Beech Mountain Resort aka Ski Beech. It is a work in progress for sure but i am very excited about where it is going. There is an... View Article