The Parade

March 18, 2010
Always the fox reaching for the grape. A box of snapshots from a small town parade. See the smiles perched in the carriage? Under furry blankets, waving at strangers. Let’s hitch our wagon... View Article

The rib’s cage

March 18, 2010
There you pine, jailed in your ribcage. Little plastic army men keeping you at bay. Turnstiles click, at each year’s passing. Shiny chalk pieces marking the days. Fingers grasping a flimsy metal tray... View Article


March 18, 2010
There is this ‘other’ side of things. I repeated to myself intentionally. The second time spoken in the opposite direction. Our shadow shines bright in the other of places. Our frowns turn joyful... View Article

Magic Stick

March 17, 2010
Here’s a magic stick i found powered by imagination. Use it quickly to take over the world, rescue a damsel, or stop evil ninjas. It’s shaped like a seven stretched high to the... View Article

Passion’s Beam

March 14, 2010
“Where are you?” I ask myself waiting patiently. Here i am with these plans of adventure. Toes flex and fidget at the hunch of missing you. I made us a picnic of apple... View Article

The excavation

March 13, 2010
Her dreams were buried deep, below her proud standing. Here she was, in the high of day’s noon. Sweat fell like raindrops from a broken gutter. The desert dust keeping her eyes dry... View Article

She told me frankly

March 7, 2010
She told me frankly that we were nothing special. My youth recalls the feeling as I paced through the streets. Gut-struck by the punch deep and low in the belly. My breath shattered... View Article

Hoot Haus

March 6, 2010
This Summer I stepped up my efforts at Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary. We made a ton of improvements since the spring of 2009. This is one of those efforts. It is a 170 square-foot... View Article