James True

James True

Hi, I’ve been making stuff with technology and my fingers for over 15 years. I’ve consulted and programmed for many organizations including: Autodesk, Cisco, Stanford University, Sun Microsystems, and The Weather Channel. I bring deep knowledge of open-source technologies and CMS design integration to any team. My data mining abilities have proven results. I’ve played key roles in several start-ups which still thrive today. Some of my work has been mentioned in Wired Magazine and my creative work has appeared on nation-wide video and print campaigns. I’m currently in proud cahoots with the amazing team @ Mahalo Digital.

As a visual artist, I’ve had some wonderful commissions for sculpture and art installations over the years. My work has been on public display in Asheville, Black Mountain, and Sugar Mountain, NC. I’ve created live commissioned art installations at the Black Mountain Music Festival, Hulaween, Electric Forest, The Love Burn, and Envision Costa Rica.

For the past several years I’ve been volunteering with wildlife rehabilitation centers in the high country. I have hands-on experience showing, educating, and running a 501(c)3 non-profit. I’ve been honing my amateur skills as a wildlife rehabber with a focus on raptors. I served on my town’s planning board, and was a runner-up candidate for town council. I completed the Grandfather Marathon in 2013 and love calling the high country my home. My life goal is to create a campground that’s a living canvas with an atmosphere burning with creativity, collaboration and growth. I like sharing the creative process with other people. I hope you are enjoying your human experience as much as I am. This website frames the good stuff and acts as my resume of purpose. Know that there’s an opus of lessons and failures too.They’ve added to the richness of my life and are the high-octane rocket fuel of my enthusiasm.

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